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The Roll Call For 2008

Dec 29: Frederick Dewayne Hubbard (70); trumpeter and bandleader; 'Empyrean Isles' (Herbie Hancock); Indianapolis USA
Dec 28: Vincent Ford (68); songwriter; 'No Woman, No Cry';
Dec 27: Delaney Bramlett (69); singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer; 'Comin' Home'; Pontotoc County, Mississippi USA
Dec 25: Eartha Mae Keith (pka Eartha Kitt); singer, actress; 'The Day That the Circus Left Town'; North, South Carolina USA
Dec 23: Clinton Conger Ballard Jnr (77); songwriter; 'You're No Good'; El Paso, Texas USA
Dec 15: David Michael Gordon Graham (68); guitarist, arranger and composer; 'Anji'; Leicester UK
Dec 3: Derek Wadsworth (69); trombonist, composer, conductor and arranger; 'I Only Want to be With You' (Dusty Springfield); Aynho, Northamptonshire UK
Dec 2: Odetta Holmes (77); singer, actress and civil-rights campaigner; 'Jack O'Diamonds'; Birmingham, Alabama USA
Nov 26: Robert John Partridge (60); journalist, public relations executive and band manager; Plymouth, Devon UK
Nov 22: José Antonio ("Nico") Rojas Beoto (87); guitarist, songwriter and hydraulic engineer; 'Suite Cubana Para Guitarra'; Havana Cuba
Nov 21: Luderin Darbone (85); fiddle player, vocalist and bandleader; 'One Step De L'Amour'; Evangeline, Louisiana USA
Nov 17: Guy Peellaert (74); artist, painter, designer and photographer; Brussels Belgium
Nov 13: Wenzell Baird Bryant (80); film-maker (Gimme Shelter) and writer; Columbus, Indiana USA
Nov 12: John "Mitch" Mitchell (61); drummer; 'Purple Haze'; Ealing, Middlesex UK
Nov 10: Gerald Pine (pka Geraldo Pino) (69 )The godfather of Afro funk who was a great influence on Fela - born in Sierra Leone.
Nov 10: Willy Cecile Johannes Van de Velde (pka Wannes Van de Velde) (71); singer, songwriter and poet; Antwerp Belgium
Nov 9: Zenzile Miriam Makeba (76); singer, songwriter and activist; 'The Click Song'; Prospect Township, Johannesburg South Africa
Nov 4: Byron Aloysius St. Elmo Lee (73); bandleader, bassist, composer, producer, entrepreneur; 'Jamaica Ska'; Christiana, Manchester parish Jamaica
Nov 1: Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo (pka Yma Sumac) (86); singer; Ichocan Peru
Nov 1: James Inkanish Jnr (pka Jimmy Carl Black) (70); drummer, singer and songwriter; 'Big Leg Emma'; El Paso, Texas USA
Oct 29: Mary Ruth Mercer (76); singer and actress; 'Great Googa Mooga'; Battleboro, North Carolina USA
Oct 18: Delia Mae Warrick (pka Dee Dee Warwick) (63); singer; 'We're Doing Fine'; Newark Heights, New Jersey USA
Oct 17: Levi Stubbles (pka Levi Stubbs) (72); singer; 'Reach Out' (Four Tops); Detroit, Michigan USA
Oct 14: Mark Bryant Raymond Lowry (64); cartoonist, designer and painter; Cadishead, Lancashire UK
Oct 11: Ronald Hulme (pka Russ Hamilton) (76); singer and songwriter; 'Rainbow'; Liverpool UK
Oct 11: Neal Hefti (85); trumpeter, composer and bandleader; '"Batman" theme tune'; Hastings, Nebraska USA
Oct 10: Alton Nehemiah Ellis (70); 'Cry Tough'; Kingston, Jamaica
Oct 1: Nicholas Wells Reynolds (75); singer and guitarist; 'Hard Travellin' (Kingston Trio); San Diego, California USA
Sep 29: Patrick John Crumly (66); saxophonist and bandleader; Oxford UK
Sep 27: George "Wydell" Jones Jnr (71); singer and songwriter; 'Rama Lama Ding Dong'; Richmond, Virginia USA
Sep 27: Mahendra Kapoor (74); musician; Amritsar, India
Sep 27: Bryan Anthony Morrison (67); manager, music publisher, entrepreneur and polo club owner; London UK
Sep 20: Napoleon Brown Culp (pka Nappy Brown) (78); singer and songwriter; '(Night Time Is) The Right Time'; Charlotte, North Carolina USA
Sep 19: Earl Palmer (83); drummer; 'Long Tall Sally' (Little Richard, drummer); New Orleans USA
Sep 19: Richard Merrill Sudhalter (69); cornettist, author, journalist; Boston, MA USA
Sep 15: Richard William Wright (65); musician; 'Us And Them' (Pink Floyd); London UK
Sep 12: Charles Levi Walker (81); singer and disc jockey; 'Pick Me Up On Your Way Down'; Copeville, Texas USA
Sep 9: Bhekumuzi Hyacinth Mseleku (53); musician and composer; Durban, South Africa
Sep 8: Pierre Job (pka Hector Zazou) (60); musician, composer, record producer and journalist; 'Malimba'; Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria
Sep 7: Richard Wayne 'Popcorn' Wylie (69); musician, songwriter and producer; 'Move Over Babe (Here Comes Henry)'; Detroit, Michigan USA
Sep 2: Arne Domnérus (83); alto saxophonist, clarinettist and bandleader; Stockholm Sweden
Sep 1: Jerry Reed Hubbard (71); singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor; 'When You're Hot, You're Hot'; Atlanta, Georgia USA
Aug 27: Jeremy Bird (50); singer, songwriter and guitarist; 'Poison Ivy' (Lambrettas); Lewes, East Sussex UK
Aug 24: Jack Hutton (80); journalist and musician; Sydney Australia
Aug 21: Jerry Finn (39); record producer; 'Enema of the State' (Blink 182, producer);
Aug 21: Murrey Mizell Harman (pka Buddy Harman) (79); drummer; 'Oh, Pretty Woman' (Roy Orbison); Nashville, Tennessee USA
Aug 18: Pervis Jackson (70); singer; 'Working My Way Back To You' (Detroit Spinners); New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Aug 16: Norman Jesse Whitfield (65); songwriter, producer; 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine'; New York USA
Aug 16: Ronnie Drew (73); singer and guitarist; 'Seven Drunken Nights' (Dubliners); Dún Laoghaire Ireland
Aug 16: John Arlington Moore (69); trumpeter, composer and arranger; 'Confucius' (Skatalites); Kingston Jamaica
Aug 16: Dorival Caymmi (94); singer and songwriter; 'O Que É Que A Bahiana Tem?'; Salvador Brazil
Aug 15: Gerald Wexler (91); record producer; 'Respect' (Aretha Frankin, producer); New York, New York USA
Aug 14: Lilian Patricia Roza (pka Lita Roza) (82); singer; 'How Much is that Doggie in the Window'; Liverpool UK
Aug 11: Donald Hugh Helms (81); steel guitarist; 'Cold, Cold Heart'; New Brockton, Alabama USA
Aug 10: Isaac Hayes (65); singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist; 'Theme From Shaft'; Covington, Tennessee USA
Aug 5: Robert Rimato (pka Robert Hazard) (59); singer, songwriter and guitarist; 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' (Cyndi Lauper, songwriter); Philadelphia, PA USA
Aug 3: Erik Darling (74); singer, songwriter, guitarist and banjo player; 'Tom Dooley'; Baltimore, Maryland USA
Jul 31: Leonidas Raymond "Lee" Young (91); drummer, vocalist and bandleader; New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Jul 28: Antoine Kalosoyi (pka Wendo Kolosoy) (83); musician and songwriter; 'Marie-Louise'; Mushie, Belgian Congo
Jul 25: Hiram Law Bullock (52); guitarist and songwriter; Osaka Japan
Jul 25: John Arnold Griffin (80); tenor saxophonist; 'Wade in the Water'; Chicago, Illinois USA
Jul 20: Artie Traum (65); guitarist and folk singer; 'She's Gone'; New York, New York USA
Jul 13: Gerald Foster Wiggins (86); pianist; New York USA
Jul 12: Earl Lee Nelson (79); singer and songwriter; 'Harlem Shuffle' (Bob & Earl); Lake Charles, Louisiana USA
Jul 7: Hugh Rees Christopher Mendl (88); record producer; 'Rock Island Line' (Lonnie Donegan, producer); Torbay, Devon UK
Jul 6: Bobby Durham (71); drummer, vocalist and bandleader; Philadelphia, PA USA

Jul 3: Colin Francis Richard Cooper (68); singer, instrumentalist and songwriter; 'Couldn't Get It Right' (Climax Blues Band); Stafford, Staffordshire UK
Jul 1: Melville Galley (60); guitarist, singer and songwriter; 'Give Me More Time' (Whitesnake); Cannock, Staffordshire UK
Jun 26: Clifford Samuel Hall (82); singer and guitarist; 'The Family Of Man' (The Spinners); Adelaide, South Australia
Jun 24: Ira B. Tucker (83); singer and songwriter; 'Loves Me Like a Rock' (Dixie Hummingbirds); Spartanburg, South Carolina USA
Jun 14: Esbjörn Svensson (44); pianist; Västeras Sweden
Jun 14: José Bispo Clementino dos Santos (pka Jamelão) (94); singer; São Cristóvão Brazil
Jun 8: Saban Bajramovic (72); singer and songwriter; 'Jasmina '; Nis Yugoslavia (Serbia)
Jun 4: William James Finegan (91); arranger, composer, bandleader and teacher; arranger, 'Little Brown Jug' (Tommy Dorsey); Newark, New Jersey USA
Jun 2: Ellas Otha McDaniel née Bates, pka Bo Diddley (79); singer, guitarist; 'Bo Diddley'; McComb, Mississippi USA
May 31: Hugh Jarrett (78); singer, the Jordanaires; 'Hound Dog' (with Elvis Presley); Atlanta, Georgia USA
May 30: Campbell Crichton Mackinnon Burnap (68); trombonist, vocalist, bandleader and broadcaster; Derby, Derbyshire UK
May 29: Dennis "Danny" Moss (80); tenor saxophonist and clarinettist; Redhill, Surrey UK
May 28: Jerald Edward Kolbrak (pka Jerry Cole) (68); guitarist; 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' (Beach Boys); Green Bay, Wisconsin USA
May 25: David Gahr (85); photographer; Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
May 24: Sonny Okosun (61); singer, songwriter, producer and preacher; 'Fire in Soweto'; Enugu Nigeria
May 24: James Harrell McGriff (72); organist; 'I've Got a Woman'; Philadelphia, PA USA
May 23: Bruce Duncan Phillips (pka U. Utah Phillips) (73); singer and songwriter; 'Orphan Train'; Cleveland, Ohio USA
May 15: Robert Chase Florence (74); pianist, arranger, composer and bandleader; 'How Deep is the Ocean'; Los Angeles, CA USA
May 11: Joyce Reba "Dottie" Lutrell (pka Dottie Rambo) (74); singer, songwriter and guitarist; 'He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need'; Madisonville, Kentucky USA
May 8: Eddy Arnold (89); singer; 'Chained to a Memory'; Henderson, Tennessee USA
May 7: Larry Levine (80); recording engineer; 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (engineer); Los Angeles, CA USA
May 6: Franz Jackson (95); saxophonist, clarinettist and bandleader; ; Rock Island, Illinois USA
May 4: Kishan Maharaj (84); tabla player; Benares India
Apr 25: Humphrey Lyttelton (87), trumpeter, humorist; 'Bad Penny Blues'; Eton, England
Apr 24: Jimmy Giuffre (76); clarinettist, saxophonist, composer and bandleader; 'The Train and the River'; Dallas, Texas USA
Apr 22: Paul Davis (60), singer-songwriter; 'I Go Crazy'; Meridian, Mississippi
Apr 21: Al Wilson (68); singer and songwriter; 'The Snake'; Meridian, Mississippi USA
Apr 15: Mahinarangi Tocker (52) Maori singer-songwriter; West Auckland, New Zealand
Apr 8: Cedella Marley Booker (81); singer and writer and mother of Bob Marley; Rhoden Hall Jamaica
Mar 30: Sean Levert (39); singer, songwriter and producer; 'Casanova'; Cleveland, Ohio USA
Mar 29: Allan Ganley (77); drummer, composer and arranger; Tolworth, Surrey UK
Mar 28: Steven Howlett (pka Froggy) (58); disc jockey; London UK
Mar 23: Neil Stanley Aspinall (66); businessman, Beatles' 'Mr X'; Prestatyn, Flintshire UK
Mar 22: Israel 'Cachao' López (89); bassist, composer, bandleader; 'Mambo'; Havana Cuba
Mar 21: Shansi Assar (pka Shusha Guppy); singer, writer; 'The Blindfold Horse: Memories of a Persian childhood' (autobiography); Tehran Persia/Iran
Mar 20: Klaus Dinger (61); drummer, guitarist, keyboard player and singer; 'Hallogallo' (Neu!); Scherfede Germany
Mar 19: Sam Weiss (81); record label owner and wholesaler; 'Remember Then' (The Earls); ?? Romania
Mar 15: Michael George Campbell (pka Mikey Dread) (53); DJ, broadcaster, producer and singer; 'Bankrobber' (The Clash, producer); Port Antonio Jamaica
Mar 14: Bill Bolick (90); singer and mandolinist; 'I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail' (The Blue Sky Boys); Hickory, North Carolina USA
Mar 6: Lili Boniche (86), singer; Algiers, Algeria
Mar 3: Norman Smith (85); record producer, engineer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and pilot; 'See Emily Play' (Pink Floyd, producer); London UK
Mar 2: Jeff Healey (41); singer, guitarist, radio presenter and record collector; 'Confidence Man'; Toronto, Ontario Canada
Feb 28: Mike Smith (64): singer and keyboard player; 'Glad All Over'; Edmonton, Middlesex UK
Feb 26: George Allen Buddy Miles (60); drummer and singer; 'We Gotta Live Together'; Omaha, Nebraska USA
Feb 21: Joe Gibbs (64); record producer; 'Uptown Top Ranking' (producer); Montego Bay Jamaica
Feb 20: Bobby Lee Trammell (74); singer and politician; 'You Mostest Girl'; Jonesboro, Arkansas USA
Feb 19: Igor Fyodorovich "Yegor" Letov (43); musician and songwriter; 'Everything's Going According to the Plan'; Omsk Siberia

Feb 10: Chris Townson (60); drummer, guitarist and social worker; 'Go Go Girl' (John's Children); London UK
Feb 10: Ferdinando Dominick Bello (pka Freddie Bell) (76); bandleader and singer; 'Giddy-Up-A Ding Dong' ; Philadelphia, PA USA
Feb 4: Federico Soto Alejo (pka Tata Güines) (77); percussionist; Güines Cuba
Jan 20: Tommy McQuater (93); jazz trumpeter; Maybole, Ayrshire UK
Jan 19: Andy Palacio (47); singer, songwriter and cultural campaigner; 'Watina'; Barranco Belize
Jan 19: John Stewart (68): singer and songwriter (The Kingston Trio); 'Daydream Believer' (writer); San Diego, California USA
Jan 11: Steve Harris (59); percussionist and composer; Nottingham UK
Jan 10: Rodney Bainbridge (pka Rod Allen) (63); singer and guitarist with The Fortunes; 'You've Got Your Troubles'; Leicester, Leicestershire UK
Jan 10: Dave Havlicek (pka Dave Day) (67); banjo player, guitarist, singer and songwriter; 'Boys are Boys' (The Monks);
Jan 8: Clyde Otis (82); songwriter and record producer; 'This Bitter Earth'; Prentice, Mississippi USA
Jan 6: Ken Nelson (96); talent scout and record producer; 'Wild Side of Life', 'Be Bop a Lula' (producer); Caledonia, Minnesota USA
Jan 4: Keith John Smith (67); trumpeter, bandleader and impresario; Isleworth, Middlesex UK

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